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I’ve been around the hard left for the best part of my adult life. I’ve seen various groupuscules offer support from everyone as diverse as Catholic Nationalist Exceptionalists such as the IRA, to organisations like Hamas and Hizbollah, I’ve seen Stalinists like Fidel and Bolivarian oddballs like Hugo get support. I’ve seen support, overt or covert, for terrorist organisations, clerical fascists, actual fascists, libertarians, anti-semites, seperatists, blah blah blah. The list of “causes” or organisations supported by one hard left group or another is probably as long as the list of groups I’ve seen NME describe as “the new Sex Pistols” since 1977. I’m trying very very hard, but I can’t quite, once, think of a moment the hard left backed a liberal democracy.

Despite, when they live in said liberal democracy, being up in arms if their democratic rights are curtailed in any way. Odd that, eh?


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