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10th Anniversary

Was it only 10 hours ago that we tweeted in our hundreds of thousands to stop the war against Hilary Mantel?

I remember my younger self, fresh faced and innocent, thinking that there was no way that the Prime Minister would launch an attack on Hilary, no way that the Leader of the Opposition would support it, and that the Lib Dem position of being “against the attack but for the Princess” was, well, a little dodgy to say the least.

Do you remember the claims that the article contained Invective of Mass Destruction? How foolish that seems now. And how foolish the thought we would be going in to protect anyone, when the LRB today lies smoking, in ruins, with gangs of ruthless Katite militia committing atrocity upon atrocity. I’ve heard Alan Bennett has been blown to pieces by a IED. And, horror of horrors, Richard Seymour has been published. Again.

Well we may have proclaimed “it’s about the clickbait, stupid” to anyone who urged intervening in the dispute for humanitarian reasons. But, as the entire nation retreats into a state of sheer lunacy, perhaps the greatest tragedy of that missed opportunity for peace was our lost innocence. I know I’ll never look at a small circulation liberal-leftish London magazine that mainly talks about books and Marxist theory in the same way again, will you?


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