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We know that conflict will always perish, in the brotherhood of flags

From the Guardian:-

The deputy prime minister said his enthusiastic support for the EU, which helps to guarantee millions of jobs, is explained by his love of Britain. Clegg, whose mother is Dutch, illustrated his love for Britain by reeling off a list of quirks including the way in which people nowhere near the sea listen to the shipping forecast and that people wear flip flops even when it is cold.

He said: “I love Britain. I love it for all its contradictions. I love that we are as modest as we are proud.

“I love that a country capable of extraordinary pomp and ceremony can still retain a spiky irreverence towards its establishment. A country where we line the streets waving our Union Jacks wildly to welcome the arrival of Prince George, and the next moment we’re chuckling at Private Eye’s front page: ‘Woman Has Baby’.”

I’ll put my position forward here, before I start. I’m broadly pro-Eu. I recognise that there are arguments against, rational and thinking arguments, based around issues like national sovereignty or what influence we have, what shape we want Europe to be and whether it will – basically – listen to us. Those arguments I don’t mind. I disagree with them, but they come from a place of thought, and I respect that. If we get around to a referendum, I’ll vote to stay in, because on a completely bloodless and technocratic level, I think it’s better to stay in. No more, no less. If I thought it was worse to stay in, I’d vote against. My main objection to anti-Europe debate is not that there aren’t rational arguments, but that so much of what is presented is lies, appeals to emotion, chest-beating, or camouflage for other things. Step forward UKIP.

That said, I don’t love Britain. There’s many reasons why I don’t love Britain, foremost amongst them being, I feel no real need to share in a patriotic wallow. I want the best for my countrymen, I want the best for the world, I want the best for my class, I want the best for my family and friends and loved ones. I don’t feel the need to wrap myself in the flag to do so.

Another of the reasons I don’t “love” Britain is that we have developed in this country a political culture that means that no politician leading a major political party can stand up and discuss the benefits or costs of remaining part of an economic and political union with our continental partners without also indulging in the most nauseating showboating. Seriously, Nicholas. Stop now. You know what I thought of when I read your speech?.

How it remains a very small step from that, to this:-


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