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Galloway and Shite

“The Zionists sent Gunmen to the Maidan in Kiev, to help a revolution, the cutting edge of which, the heavy lifting of which was being done by actual, outright, nazi anti-semites. The Bizarre alliance in the Maidan between former Israeli army officers, who’ve spoken openly of their role in Ha’aretz, and Nazis with swastikas on their arms is the most ugly alliance you can possibly imagine. Is part of the thinking of this, well, if these Nazis come to power in Kiev, and they hate Jews so much, the remaining Ukrainian Jews will feel that they go and have to settle in Palestine” – George Galloway, Press TV, March 15th.

Oh, this is so easy to Fisk. Such as, I’ve read the Ha’aretz article he references. There were 5 former Israeli servicemen mentioned in it. Now, stop and think for a while – Israel has national service, so pretty much everyone is going to be a “former Israeli serviceman” (or woman). Ukraine has a large Jewish population, and Israel has a large Ukrainian Jewish population, so there’s going to be ongoing familial ties. So, you know, the fact that there were 5 former Israeli servicemen there isn’t…when you actually stop and think for a second…that much of a shock. In the same Ha’aretz article, by the way, one of the Israelis makes the point that the “Nazis” had never acted in any way Nazi around him, were completely un-Nazi in his eyes. You know, I may be naive here, but I’m going to take the word of a Jewish guy on the ground about who is and isn’t anti-semitic over someone who hasn’t visited and has his own…mmm…troublesome relationship with Jewish people, and with the state of Israel (who, last going off, he was accusing of gassing Syrians, despite every government in the world that isn’t allied with the Syrian government believing that the guilty party in that case were…the Syrian government).

And then there’s the further, tentatively offered, “is part of the thinking” bit at the end. Oh. Those wicked Zionists. Making their own kind the victim, with the goal of oppressing the Palestinians. Of course, this basic anti-semitic canard is offered as just a random thought…because, you know, he’s just thinking aloud, he’s not actually claiming that, he can fall back on deniability, he can say “is part of the thinking”.

Of course, the contra-argument, that Ukrainians of Jewish descent are being slandered by an anti-semite, on an anti-semitic news channel, which is funded by a state closely entwined with the state currently menacing Ukrainians of all types…

Nah, that’s a bit far fetched, isn’t it? Must be the Zionists behind it. Makes perfect sense.


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