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I’m not saying that if a Tottenham fan comes in and shoots you in the face, you deserve it.

But you made fun of Ossie Ardiles whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt, so you deserve it. And if you look at the ROOT CAUSE of it, you’ll see that, prior to Wenger and his lust for oil, Arsenal and Tottenham fans lived peacefully together.


Freedom of speech

You’ll find, in the next few days, many people will line up to provide “context”. They’ll speak of “root causes” and ask you to look at underlying history. They’ll ask you to look back at actions and behaviour of governments, of alleged exploitation of mineral resources past, of dodgy dossiers, they’ll hark back to the colonial era, or the birth of Israel, or some such. They’ll point out the – undeniably – provocative nature of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons. That these writers set out to offend. That this was their stated purpose. To be prickers of pomposity.

Normally, I’d rage at the apologists for this. Just as I would rage at their cousins under the skin who want to use this as an excuse to descend into kulturkampf against the brown-skinned. (Not least because, in essence, both viewpoints have a healthy dose of racism to them – brown people have no agency to sin; brown people are demons with no hope of salvation. It’s the same shit seen from different ends of the telescope).

But you know what?

Nah. Tonight, you say what you want. Fuck it. All of you. Say everything and anything you damn well fucking please. Say the most stupid and irrational shit that comes to mind. Make jokes. Mock. Fly fucking kites. Build castles in the sodding air.

You can do that. Here. Now. You can talk utter crap about this subject. You can do that. You have the entire internet to run riot in, to spout your meaningless verbiage, your high-falutin’ academese and your down’n’dirty racism, your excuse making and your blanket fucking blaming. Go wild.

Because that’s the point. I’d be offended if you didn’t.

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